Reassura is the UK’s leading personal fraud prevention service co-founded by Mark White, CEO. Launched in 2018, Reassura is on a mission to protect people from the UK’s most common crime, offering expert advice and guidance on scams and fraud to help consumers protect their money, personal identity and confidence.

Reassura members have unlimited access to a team of UK based fraud advisors who answer calls live on a freephone number to help them make the right decision when faced with a potential scam.

Reassura offer timely scam alerts, newsletters and a wide range of educational guides and videos to help keep members safe.

Free advice is provided on the website and a free scam alert service which sends information about the latest scams is available.


Standard membership is £18 per year, which includes access to the UK based fraud advisors and total protection membership is £60 per year, which offers a further host of security products.

Reassura provides its service to individuals as well as corporates and other organizations who are looking to protect their employees’ financial wellbeing.

Website: www.reassura.com
Email: hello@reassura.com
Telephone: 0800 888 6400